Online Lecture Certification

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. (CAA) is implementing online-only lecture sessions/certifications. The online lecture sessions listed to the right are open to all CAA students.

How it Works

  • At least two online lecture sessions will be offered monthly.
  • Texas (TX) online lectures fulfill TX state requirements.
  • Texas students must participate in a TX lecture session BEFORE field certification.
  • Non-Texas students may participate in a Texas lecture session.

How to Register

Registering for lecture sessions is done through registration for a field session. Please see the instructions below that apply to your instance.

Students will receive an invite email to the session with instructions on participation.

Upcoming Online Lecture Certification Sessions

Date Location  
01/25/2021  ⇛   Online Lecture
02/01/2021  ⇛   Online Lecture
02/08/2021  ⇛   Texas Online Lecture
02/15/2021  ⇛   Texas Online Lecture

  • Read the instruction sheet before the class to understand what you will need to do to participate in the session.
  • Log in early to ensure your setup works.
  • Double check your information and test your microphone.
  • Questions

    Please call CAA at 901-381-9960 or email


    Do you need Microsoft teams to join?

    No, you can click on join through the web browser.

    What time does the lecture start?

    We are scheduled based on our time zone (Central Time). Please adjust to your time zone will determine your time to log in.

    How will I receive the link?

    The link will automatically be sent once the enrollment/registration process is complete.

    Is this a recording or a live lecture?

    As of now this is a live lecture. You can hear the lecturer, but they cannot hear you. The process will be explained at the beginning of the lecture.

    How will the instructor know I am logged in?

    Type your name in the NAME field and confirm audio.

    How do I ask questions?

    If you have questions, type your questions in the Q&A chat tab.

    What do I do if I miss the lecture?

    For a non-Texas lecture, we will leave the lecture up during office hours. You can watch the lecture and then submit your answers. For Texas lectures you will need to enroll for another lecture prior to your field date.

    Does each person need to log in separately?

    A group can watch the lecture. However, each person must list their name in the comments/chat box to be counted as present.