Online Livestream Lecture Course

CAA's lecture certification sessions are now online in two formats:
>> The online LIVESTREAM lecture sessions listed to the right for TEXAS students.
>> SELF-PACED LECTURE for non-Texas smoke schools - CLICK HERE FOR INFO »

How it Works

  • At least two livestream lecture sessions will be offered monthly.
  • Texas (TX) livestream lectures fulfill TX state requirements.
  • Texas students must participate in a TX livestream lecture session BEFORE field certification.
  • Non-Texas students may participate in a Texas livestream lecture session, but should note that it requires a longer time commitment.

How to Register

Registering for livestream lecture sessions is completed through registration for a field session. Please see the instructions below that apply to your instance.

Students will receive an invite email to the session with instructions on participation.


Please call CAA at 901-381-9960 or email

Upcoming Livestream Visible Emissions Lecture Courses

Date Location  
10/10/2022  ⇛   Texas Livestream Lecture
10/24/2022  ⇛   Texas Livestream Lecture
11/07/2022  ⇛   Texas Livestream Lecture

  • Read the instruction sheet before the class to understand what you will need to do to participate in the session.
  • Log in early to ensure your setup works.
  • Double check your information and test your microphone.