Visible Emissions Observation School

Session: Freeport, TX

CAA Class Number: 3926


Two Day School


Registrations received within 7 days of class will be assessed with a $25.00 late fee due to individualized preparation for each student.
NOTE: If you aren't familiar with CAA smoke schools, please read THIS DOCUMENT before attending the session.

Field & Lecture: $325
Lecture Only: $125
Field Only: $225

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Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. is a qualified smoke school provider
by the TCEQ Occupational Licensing Section.


08/22/2019 7:30 AM

Field Certification

08/22/2019 2:00 PM
For ONE DAY FIELD classes, field certification ends when all attendees who arrived at the start time are certified, or no longer wish to attempt to become certified.
For TWO FIELD DAY classes, the first day ends at 5:00 PM. Those that have not been certified come the second day.

Field Second Day

08/23/19 8:00 AM

Lecture Location

Oyster Creek Park
Oyster Creek , TX    77541

Field Location

Oyster Creek Park
134 Linda Ln
Oyster Creek , TX    77541 This Two DAY school offers the lecture and the field certification at Oyster Creek Park 134 Linda Ln. Registration for the lecture begins at 7:00 am so that the lecture can begin promptly at 7:30 am. A light lunch will be served. The field runs begin at 2:00. No Lecture on the second day Field runs will begin at 8:00 AM DIRECTIONS: From Freeport TX: take Farm to Market 523 N. Turn right onto Linda Ln. Proceed to the Stop Sign and turn right into the community center parking lot Buldingis on the right 134 Linda Ln Proceed past 134 Linda Lane and take a right at the stop sign.


Field Location

134 Linda Ln
Oyster Creek, TX 77541

Lecture Location

Oyster Creek, TX 77541