Visible Emissions Observation School

Session: Roanoke, VA

VTCA Smoke School

This is a third party school offered by VTCA.
Please visit their website for information and registrations:

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        CAA Class Number: 4378

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Online-lecture only.
There is no in-person lecture section for this class

Field Certification

Wed Sep 16 2020 at 9:00 am (EST)  to  1:00 pm (EST)*
Single Day Field Classes: *Field certification ends when all attendees who arrived at the start time are certified, or no longer wish to attempt to become certified.

In-person Lecture Location

There is no in-person lecture for this class

Field Location

Please contact VTCA at 804-330-3312 to make arrangement
Route 460 East
Blue Ridge , VA    24064

Virginia Transportation and Construction Association (VTCA)handles all registrations for this school. Please call (804-330-3312). This school will be held at Boxley Materials Blue Ridge Plant. FROM POINTS NORTH AND SOUTH: Take exit 150A torwards Troutville. Go straight though the stoplight at Route 11 (this will be Route 604). Turn left onto Route 460 East. Boxley Materials will be on the right, approximately 5 miles. NOTE: MAP ON WEBPAGE MAY NOT BE ACCURATE SINCE LOCATION DOES NOT HAVE A STREET NUMBER. GPS= lat 37.386803N Lon79.793370W


Field Location

37.386803, -79.793370

In-person Lecture Location

37.386803, -70.793470