Visible Emissions Observation School

Session: Memphis, TN

        CAA Class Number: 4426



Registrations received within 7 days of class will be assessed with a $25.00 late fee due to individualized preparation for each student.
NOTE: If you aren't familiar with CAA smoke schools, please read THIS DOCUMENT before attending the session.

Field Only: $200

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Online-lecture only.
There is no in-person lecture section for this class

Field Certification

Fri Oct 2 2020 at 10:00 am (CST)  to  2:00 pm (CST)*
Single Day Field Classes: *Field certification ends when all attendees who arrived at the start time are certified, or no longer wish to attempt to become certified.

In-person Lecture Location

There is no in-person lecture for this class

Field Location

APAC Tennessee, Inc.
1210 Harbor Ave.
Memphis , TN    38113

This is a ONE DAY school that offers both the lecture and the field certification. It meets at APAC Tennessee, Inc. The lecture begins at 8:00 am. The field runs begin at 10:00 am. DIRECTIONS: APAC Tennessee, Inc. is located at 1210 Harbor Ave. on President's Island. From I-55 North (by the Mississippi River), take Exit 11 - McLemore Ave. . Follow the signs for President's Island and Jack Carley Causeway. When Jack Carley Causeway forks, take Harbor Ave. (fork right). In approximately 50 yards, APAC will be on your right. It sits back off the road. Enter at the orange ENTER sign. Park in the front lot. Telephone is (901) 947-5600.


Field Location

35.107515, -90.094029