Visible Emissions Observation School

Session: Richmond, VA

VTCA Smoke School

This is a third party school offered by VTCA.
Please visit their website for information and registrations:

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        CAA Class Number: 4687

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Online-lecture only.
There is no in-person lecture section for this class

Field Certification

Tue Sep 14 2021 at 8:00 am (EST)  to  1:00 pm (EST)*
Single Day Field Classes: *Field certification ends when all attendees who arrived at the start time are certified, or no longer wish to attempt to become certified.

In-person Lecture Location

There is no in-person lecture for this class

Field Location

Contact VTCA at 804-330-3312 to make arrangement
1950 Rockville Industrial Way
Rockville , VA    23146

Virginia Transportation and Construction Association (VTCA)handles all registrations for this school. Please call (804-330-3312). Luck Stone 1950 Rockville Industrial Way Goochland VA 23146


Field Location

37.691141, -77.662918

In-person Lecture Location

37.600526, -77.711650