Method 9 Smoke School Training

Efficient, reliable and trusted Method 9 certification

What We Do

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. (CAA) provides a complete Visible Emission Evaluator Training and Certification program (AKA smoke school or opacity training) in accordance with 40 CFR 60 Appendix A, Method 9, Method 22, 203A, 203B, 203C. We train your employees to properly determine and document compliance to visible emission requirements.

Our philosophy is simple - we want our students to fully understand the concepts behind visible emissions observations and certification testing. By teaching the concepts, the certification process is made easy, and the observations definitive and defensible.

How We Do It

CAA makes certification a seamless process for your organization.
  • Our smoke-producing trailers ensure reliable and accurate test results
  • CAA trailers can generate and test opacities from 0 - 100%, in full compliance with the requirements of Method 9
  • Certificates are available on the day of class for pre-registered students
  • Certificates are available online for access any time
  • You receive email reminders to ensure students stay certified
  • Our VEO-APP improves the management and documentation of observations while reducing the time to complete

Why Choose Compliance Assurance for your opacity training?

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