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Upcoming VEO Training Classes

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Date Location  
04/22/2019  ⇛   Midland TX
04/23/2019  ⇛   call office for information
04/25/2019  ⇛   Savannah GA
04/25/2019  ⇛   Amarillo, TX
05/06/2019  ⇛   Longview,TX
05/07/2019 Longview,TX
05/22/2019  ⇛   call for location
06/04/2019  ⇛   Houston, TX
06/05/2019 Houston, TX
06/07/2019  ⇛   Memphis
08/29/2019  ⇛   Beaumont Port Arthur
08/30/2019 Beaumont Port Arthur
09/12/2019  ⇛   Birmingham, AL - Montrose-formerly Entec
09/13/2019 Birmingham, AL - Montrose-formerly Entec
09/26/2019  ⇛   Mobile, AL
10/07/2019  ⇛   Mobile, AL-Montrose-formerly Entec