VEO Professional Services

Our opacity experts can support your organization's VEO needs.

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. (CAA) are experts in 40 CFR 60 Appendix A, Method 9, Method 22, 203A, 203B, 203C. With over 60 years combined experience in the visible emissions field, CAA is equipped to provide a wide range of services related to VEO.

Compliance Support

CAA’s air quality compliance experts assist organizations in the development of new compliance plans as well as evaluations and updates to existing compliance efforts. CAA's staff will help your organization understand the complex Clean Air Act regulations and develop an air quality compliance plan.


VEO Law-Related Issues

CAA is available for consultation on issues related to Notices of Violations (NOV). Our expert VEO staff can review the NOV, observations, and related documentation.


VEO Readings

Use CAA to perform VEO readings.


VEO Form Instructions

Our VEO experts can help you through the complex process of completing VEO forms.


Whether you choose public or private smoke school training,

Compliance Assurance Associates (CAA) handles the administration to ensure your company stays certified.
Find a school near you, or call CAA at 901-381-9960 for more information.