Web-Based Visible Emissions Course

Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. (CAA) offers self-paced visible emissions course. It satisfies the requirements for classroom/lecture classes and can be used as a refresher course or for general training.

The following are excerpts from portions of the VEO training course and do not reflect the training materials in their entirety. The material presented below does not constitute a complete learning package.

Excerpts from the Self-Paced Visible Emissions Course

What are Smoke Schools? »    History - 1800s »
History - Early/Mid 1900s »    History - 1960s and 1970s »
History - Recent »    What is Opacity? »
Observation Methods »    What is Method 9? »
The Importance of Compliance »    Opacity Principles: Particulate Matter »
Opacity Principles: Properties of Light »    Smoke Plumes and Backgrounds »
Sun and Observer Positions for Method 9 »    Reading Smoke Plumes »
Performing VEO Readings »    The VEO Form »
Field Certification »   

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Online course in visible emissions

Additional Online Lecture Training Option

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