Why Choose Compliance Assurance Associates?

We don't tell you the answers, we teach you to read the answers.

At Compliance Assurance (CAA), we know the art and the science behind visible emissions observations (VEO). We understand what it takes to be certified for VEO, and why it is important to understand the concepts behind the VEO operations.

The best experts in opacity training

What makes CAA unique?

Knowledge and Innovation

With over 60 years combined experience, CAA personnel know the art and the science behind visible emissions observations (VEO). We understand what it takes to be certified for VEO, and why it is important to understand the concepts behind the VEO observations.
For two decades, we have taught our attendees the principles behind opacity training, not just how to pass a run.  We teach.  We train.  We never provide hints.  By teaching concepts, the certification process is made easy, and the observations definitive and defensible.
CAA is committed to providing ongoing innovations to help our customers ease the burden of Title V requirements.   The recent VEO-APP is committing to delivering the training, certification, and compliance assistance in the most efficient manner.

Student Learning Experience

At CAA, we focus on the student learning experience. We teach the principles and practice of opacity observations.  Special attention is given to thorough teaching of smoke school concepts.  Our instructors are not intimidating; they coach and oversee students during class to ensure that the concepts behind opacity training are understood.

Field Managers

Use of field managers (proctors) at every class ensures the integrity of testing conditions and smooth class operation.  Managers monitor students to ensure they are working on their own and assist students and the instructor as required. 

Lecture Portion

CAA will tailor the lecture section of smoke school to meet your needs.  We can provide online components, live lecture and demonstrations, Skype or a mixture of these tools to effectively train your personnel.

Field Portion

No smoke school can guarantee 100% certification.  At CAA, 99% of students certify in our half-day programs. We typically preform up to four runs per day.

Our experience indicates that few will pass that same day if they have already failed 4 runs. The students need to rest their eyes and attend a second day of school. CAA's one-day programs have a pass rate greater than 99%...not all students, but most, will pass within 4 runs. If a student doesn't pass the first day, they may come to another program in the area or to the second day if offered.

Stable, Accurate Smoke

Smoke stability is a key factor in the ability to test and certify for opacity observations.  CAA’s smoke generators are custom-designed to ensure stable smoke and full-scale 0-100% opacity.

Arthur Eberle purchased a smoke generator from a state program when CAA was founded. He corrected stability problems on the smoke generator in 15 minutes.  He then utilized his twenty years of experience as a chemical engineer to optimize the smoke generator system design.  He applied unique alterations that provide the most stable smoke in the industry, without dampening the electrical signal and providing the most accurate smoke presentation for certification.

CAA’s training won’t leave a trail.  Our smoke generation system never leaves residuals or dust behind, unlike competitors that use talcum and carbon black in their smoke generations.

Recognized Certification

Compliance Assurance is audited by several states and federally audited; the validity of our certification and training is verified. The method’s underlying statistics require a full-scale 0 to 100% test and Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. assures the demonstration of this every test program.

Immediate Certification Proof

All pre-registered students receive proof of certification at class. 

We are Fast

Our instructors, field managers, smoke generators and technologies ensure smooth class operation.  We are prepared for our training and won’t waste your students’ time waiting.

Customer Experience

The ONLY Smoke School with Online Certification Records

Compliance Assurance is the only smoke school that lets you instantly access student certification records.  You have 24/7 secure, online access to all students’ current certificates as well as a complete history of their certification.

Your Certifications Won’t Lapse

CAA sends recurring reminders to ensure that visible emissions observations certifications won’t lapse. We send reminders 60, 30 and 14 days out to the contact in your customer account.  We also send 10 day reminders to students in case of a personnel change for your customer contact.

On-Going Support

Compliance Assurance is your partner in VEO.  CAA offers the following services, free of charge to its clients:

If your issue is more complex, and your organization needs additional consultation, our staff has more experience than any of our competitors and a has a network of consultants we can refer you to.


Training AND VEO Management Solutions With One Company

Only CAA has a complementary APP that manages your training and certification AND your VEO Reporting More