Student Information for Digital Smoke School Certification

Patent Pending #17/102,637

Hands-off smoke school digital certification


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Come Prepared for Digital Field Certification

CAA's exclusive digital certification process expedites field certification and helps ensure a safe smoke school experience during the pandemic.

Click on the image to the left for a PDF of the steps to take to be prepared..

Arriving prepared at the smoke school helps speed up the sign in process and decreases wait times for all students.

Know Your Student Record Number

You can quickly retrieve your student record by visiting this web page »

Ensure Your Smoke School Records are Up to Date

If you have had contact information change, or you require a name change, please call the CAA office at 901-381-9960 before attending smoke school.

Please contact us if you have any questions: 901-381-9960.

How is Compliance Assurance Addressing COVID-19?

Learn how CAA's smoke school safety precautions and procedures. More