Fifteen Questions to Ask Your Smoke School

Questions to Ask Your Smoke School

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Do You have Immediate and Ongoing Proof of Certification?

Yes. Pre-registered attendees receive immediate certification proof. Certifications records are online 24/7. We are the ONLY smoke school with online certification records. In addition, we provide email reminders to ensure your organization's certifications won't lapse.

Do You Routinely Blind-Audit Your Trainers and Operators?

Yes. CAA was the first smoke school to conduct blind field audits to ensure Method 9 compliance and adherence to company operational policies.

Do You Offer Certification Support After Training?

Yes. CAA defends its certifications at no charge. We have never had a certification challenge result in a court appearance.

Can You Assist my Organization with Title V Requirements?

Yes. CAA offers a VEO-APP that streamlines your Title V readings, recordkeeping and training requirements. It eliminates the need for some of the VEO observation tools required in the past, it reduces the chance of error in your paperwork and it manages your Method 9 certifications and trainings.

Do You Offer Addtional VEO Services to Assist with Compliance?

Yes. CAA can assist with law-related issues, development of a compliance monitoring plan and we offer train-the-trainer services. We also offer VEO reading assistance and can assist your organization with completing VEO forms. We offer several types of resources and a VEO library on our website as a service to our clients.

Do You Let Attorneys Attend and Audit Your Smoke Schools?

Yes. We will work with your attorney and demonstrate our internal audit system so they can complete a blind audit on our schools. CAA will also provide the 2015 AWMA audit form that addressess EPA Method 9 requirements.

Will You Defend Your Certification in Court.

Yes, if necessary, but our experience shows that a good defense does not result in court appearances. We provide documentation and demonstration of a strong certification that ends the litigation before court. CAA has never been required to make a court appearance; certification challenges we have encounted were settled by means of discussion and documentation. We support our certifications free of charge.

Does Your Program Provide the Full 0-100% Opacity Range

Yes. Our proprietary technology makes us the ONLY smoke school able to produce and sustain 100% opacity.

Does Your Lecture Comply With EPA Section 3.12 AND 600/4-83-011?

Yes. Our targeted training for plant operating personnel meets all of the applicable QA/QC requirements.

Are Your Field Tests in Random Order?

Yes. Our test point generatation assures statistical validity.

Does Your Company Keep Records for at Least 5 Years?

Yes. All CAA records are maintained for at least 10 years. This includes all certification records, calibration records and test run strip charts, forms and grading masters.

Are Students Monitored During Your Programs? If So, How?

Yes. CAA employs a field manager at every smoke school to ensure students work independently. A field manager presence not only ensures work integrity, but provides an extra resource to help students, monitor test conditions and evaluate students' observation. Field managers help ensure a class runs smoothly and efficiently.

Do Your Field Instructors Avoid Giving Hints During Testing?

Yes. CAA's mission is to train students so they understand the concepts and principles behind Method 9. Instruction is only provided before and after certification tests. No hints of any kind are provided during testing.

Have You Been Formally Audited by a State or Federal Agency?

Yes. We were federally approximately 10 years audited and found satisfactory. Suggestions from the audit have been implemented into our program.We are routinely audted by state programs and we conduct internal blind audits. We maintain copies of all audit reports; reports are available upon request.

Is There a Compliance Paper Train and Can it be Provided?

Yes. CAA maintains a paper trail of its operations and certifications. We utilize a durable Power of Attorney to issue certification records. Method 9 certification records are online, as well as saved in paper format. CAA is the only smoke school to offer online certification records. Paper records are available upon request.