Visible Emissions Observation School (Smoke School)

EPA Method 9 Field Training:  PLACEHOLDER TEST OL

One-Day Opacity Training:    1/20/2023   Session ID:3851

NOTE: Public school dates are subject to change. If a school date changes, you will be notified via email IF YOU HAVE ENROLLED IN THE CLASS.


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 ONLINE LIVESTREAMING LECTURE This session is an online livestreaming lecture.
     accessed via:,DVG2xGcY_k-J7LnI795imA,dvOJAxxljkydaBp8uL-SNQ,O8KsrrjrXk-cMQahikNQBQ,m73EflnoK0WQyn6tf_ZzjA,99NWrymDNESK1SdXu_Cy6g?mode=read&tenantId=97e33942-9707-49fb-884a-789286af147a

Class Agenda for Livestreaming Lecture:
  • IN-PERSON Classroom Lecture is Offered.
                            Fri Jan 20 2023 at 8:00 am (CST)  (note: lecture same time as field defined above)


                       details available upon registration
  •  PRICING  Field Certification Smoke School: $0
    Self-Paced Lecture Course: $50

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