A Form for Multiple EPA Methods

The VEO form covers Method 9, Method 203A, 203B, and can be used for other methods. This tutorial will focus on Method 9.

Visible Emissions Form
Completed Visible Emissions Form
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The EPA VEO Form

The VEO form is a legal document. It is imperative that the form is filled out correctly and kept in an organized record system.

There is no one standard VEO form. Multiple versions of the form exist, and companies/facilities may have customized forms for their site(s). We will point out differences and then provide instructions on completing each section.

Form Differences

The EPA released three different versions of the emissions form in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. All versions are still in use. The primary differences between versions are:

Company Information

The form may or may not contain Key Contact and Source ID fields:

Visible emissions form company information
Observation Fields

Observation fields may not carry the comments section:

Visible emissions form company information
Location of Miscellaneous Fields

The following fields may be found in different places on the form:

Visible emissions form company information